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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Kat's Devilish Ear Flap Ski Hat "Two Sticks"

For you little devils out there, I've added some groovy horns to my ear flap hat - If you wanna make a statement then this works! I must confess I rather enjoyed the smiles I got whilst wandering around the supermarket with this on my noggin!

So how's it done? Well, follow my pattern for the basic hat: - this is done with just 2 straight needles; no DPNs and no circulars (I know.... I'm good to you.)

You'll need a gorgeous red chunky (bulky) wool, and a bit of stuffing for the horns to make them stay nice and upright.
Once you've made your hat, it's time to make the horns!

Cast on 3 sts
Row 1: Increase all stitches (Kf&b to end) - 6
Row 2: Purl row
Row 3:Increase all stitches (Kf&b to end) - 12
Row 4: Purl row
Row 5: Increase 1st and last st of row - 14
Beginning with a purl row, st-st 6 rows
Cast off
Repeat for your second horn.

Now sew down row edges to make the horn shape and stuff firmly. Placing your ski hat on your head, have great fun working out the best placement for your horns! You can have them sticking out of the top like mine, or they also look nifty coming from your forehead; it's up to you though! Once you've decided, pin them down (being careful not to skewer your scalp) then remove your hat and sew the horns onto the hat.

Voila! One horny ear flap hat! Great fun :-)

For the record, I have no idea what is going on with my eye in this photo; it must be that hat....... it's evil!!!


joann.matvichuk said...

love the hat I so want to make this for my little guy who is only 2 and a half as he is such a little Devil

Kamsarmer said...

Wow! Exactly the pattern I needed! Making a Chicago Bulls hat for a wee new fan, and your horn pattern did the trick! Will post on my Ravelry page when done: ktdid. Thanks!