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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Prop Off!

A quick update on my plants - today found me switching off the propagator! They'll be staying under the artificial light for now, but I'll be gradually introducing them to the sun for an hour or two a day until they are ready to move to their permanent home.

I did have a bit of a situation yesterday when they suddenly went all limp! I gave them a good drenching and they are as right as rain today... hence my decision to switch off the propagator now. The heat is drying them out, especially as they are taking in water far more now than they did when they were seedlings.

I am always amazed by how well these plants bounce back after something like this, they really are quite hardy; They can be practically lying on their side and all shrivelled up - but with a good drenching and a few hours recuperation, they'll be standing tall and proud again. Now that's my kind of plant... ;-)

Kat :-) xx

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