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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chilli Growing...again!

Nearly a month between posts - that shall never do!
I've been rather busy as I recenlty decided to have another crack at growing chilli plants. I've tried this once before, but had rather a poor result; by poor result, I mean I killed them all.

This time, I'm determined to get some plants; I'd love to eat something that I have grown myself, I imagine that the sense of achievement must be immense. My mother and grandfather were keen growers and often, most of what was on the dinner table had come from their gardens. Obviously being a kid, I never fully appreciated the brilliance of that; I would now... but isn't that always the way? Well, it's never too late - I'm going to have a go at this home growing and experience the joy for myself!

However, I'd better not get carried away just yet - I have to grow some plants before I can even entertain eating any fruit...
So, here's the story so far:


I have the following seeds on my grow list:

Alberto's Locoto
Apache F1 Hybrid
Bulgarian Carrot
Corno Di Torro Rosso
Jamaican Red Hot
Mustard Habanero
Orange Habanero
Prairie Fire
Sante Fe Grante

This morning I awoke to find we have some Cayenne seedlings coming up!!:


I also have 2 loops in the 'Adorno' variety:


...both of these types were planted a few days before the other seeds so they've had a head start. I have a little while to wait before any of the other varieties show their faces.

Whilst waiting for the seedlings I've been building a lighting rig for them - they'll have more chance of success if I ply them with as much daylight as possible! I've made a holder for 3 artificial daylight bulbs - these mimic the spectrum of light given off by natural sunlight and will help to make the plants shoot up!



I just have to build a reflector now; that will hang over the light fitting. This will bounce the light down over the plants making sure they get the full benefit of the bulbs instead of the light merely lighting the whole room.

On another note, I will also have to knit a chilly toy - it only seems right to mix the two hobbies at some point!

Kat xx

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 is here...

...and if it's going to be anything like 2009 it can jolly well naff off. Actually, that's not totally fair; after all, 2009 had it's good times. Some couldn't possibly be more so and for those moments I thank my super fiancee, Rob; that's one of the year's highlights - On bended knee in my favourite Italian restaurant, the whole place (albeit 6 people) erupting into a cheer....

That was about the best and will remain so. There was also being back in my beloved Wales, closer to my friends and loved ones; happy to be back where I belong even if my being here was brought about by the failure of a doomed marriage. Sometimes, with the best will in the world it doesn't matter how hard you try. Ultimately, if it's wrong, then you chose to move on or burn yourself out trying to repair something that is un-fixable.
Unsurprisingly, in the end, the latter was more attractive to me.

There have been other trials too. 2009 found me wrapped up in unnecessary court proceedings, but I'll leave that one there..... suffice to say that I'm left standing and my conscience is clear. Also we had to say goodbye to a friend of ours in the April; he no longer wanted to stay on this earth and decided to help himself shuffle from the mortal coil. I will miss him and will never be able to watch "My name is Earl" or "The New Statesman" without a melancholy smile.....

On a lighter note, 2009 was the year of TV Burp and my birthday found me in Teddington Studios watching it being filmed!! What a cracking day; that man is so funny!!

It was also the year I became a complete knitting nutter - my super sister and I have spent so many hours sat clicketty-clacketting all manner of wonderful and sometimes quite frankly odd creations. It was also the year of the Jag, with Rob finally getting his hands on the car of his dreams. I've seen my oldest nephew run for Wales and have sat in the great hall of Caerphilly castle listening to my mother singing her heart out along with the rest of Caerphilly ladies choir.

So I suppose you could say a thoroughly mixed bag; Some life changing moments for good and for bad. (See what I did there? I made a little rhyme...)
As for new year's resolutions, I'm not making any. The only change that was important to me was to pack in the smoking, but I've already done it - I smoked my last on Halloween, so I've been free for two months already.

I won't pray for a better year ahead, for if it wasn't for some of the crud, the good stuff could never have happened. No, what I would really like for this upcoming year is 12 lovely months of astounding un-eventfulness. A period of settling; a nice pleasant drive on a long straight road; as opposed to the finger-biting-white-knuckle-stop-the-ride-I-want-to-get-off agony of last year's roller coaster.

Good luck for 2010 - may it be whatever you wish. xx