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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Chilli Mania!

Well, I've had far greater success on the chilli seedling front than I had expected. Only 7 out of the 51 seeds I planted failed to germinate; leaving me with 44 seedlings!

As they were coming up to re-potting time and my propagator will take 30 small pots nicely, I made the decision to cull 14 of them. Let's be fair, 30 plants is still overkill so I won't miss the ones I've gotten rid of.

These were taken just after re-potting:

And these more recent photographs shows their current status:

The Cayennes are the biggest:

The Alberto's Locoto Rocoto are looking lovely:

How pretty is this 'Adorno' variety?!:

So it's all going well here.
Also, I suffered a case of The 'JUST....GOTTA.... PLANT IT' phenomenon.

There I was a few nights ago, making a curry - quite happily, minding my own business.....

.....that's when it got me.
It was around the time I was chopping up my chillies; first a nice green one, then a nice fat juicy red one... all of a sudden I was ramming seeds into damp kitchen roll and into the airing cupboard before I could say Jack Robinson.

I DO NOT NEED any more plants; but the urge was irresistible.

So my grow list might 'grow' again.... :-)

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