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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Watson my head?

What do you do when your bloke says he wants a deerstalker? Crochet one, of course!!
Clearly we’ve been watching a lot of Sherlock……

I can't wait for the next series, just can't get enough of the Cumberbatch!
Needless to say, Rob hasn't taken this off yet - I think it's a winner :) xx


Becca said...

GREAT hat! Will you write up the pattern?

Becca said...

GREAT hat!!! Will you write up the pattern?

Sam Findlay said...


Just wanted to point out that although I didn't mention you personally in my post about Mervin the molar I did link to the ravelry page where I found the pattern.
Sorry if you feel this wasn't enough.

Mandy said...

LOVE it! :-) Do you have a pattern? I haven't found one that I like nearly as much as yours, but I'm not advanced enough to create my own.

Cynthia Ford said...

Please please . . .the pattern!!!!!