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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

'Winter Star' Hat & Glove Set (Free knitting pattern)

EEEK! Its that time of year again...
Time to start knitting the winter gear! This year, I fancied something with a bit of a pattern, but not too much; I wanted it to be simple, but effective. I saw this star motif and thought it would be just about perfect.

The majority of the hat is knit with a 4mm 16" circular needle and finished with 4mm DPNs when the stitches become too few for the circular.

The gloves are knit on standard straight 4mm needles and sewn up on one side, leaving a thumb hole space.

So, without further ado, here we go:

'Winter Star' Hat
Using a 4mm 16" circular needle and blue DK yarn,
Cast on 120

Round 1-12) *K2, P2* rib for 12 rows
Round 13) Change to green for your star band background colour and Knit 1 round.
Round 14-26) Follow chart for next 13 rounds, using White DK for the star and other detailing. Chart is repeated 6 times.

Round 27) Knit 1 round.
Round 28-35) Change to main hat colour and knit 8 rounds

Begin decrease:
Round 36) Reduce next row by 3, *K38, K2tog* to end
Round 37) **K11, K2tog** to end
Round 38) Knit row
Round 39) **K10, K2tog** to end
Round 40) Knit row
Continue in established pattern, (You will need to change to 4mm DPNs when stitches become too few for the circular) until last row worked is K1, K2tog. K2tog to end.

Cut yarn, attach needle and thread through remaining sts.

Pull tight, tie off and weave in end.

Now for the gloves!

'Winter Star' Fingerless Gloves
Using 4mm needles and blue DK, cast on 34
Row 1-14) *K2 P2* rib 14 rows
Row 15) Change to green and knit one row, increasing by 1st at some point over the row - (35sts)
Row 16-28 Knit 13 rows of chart:

Row 29) Knit row, decreasing by 1 at some point over the row - (34sts)
Row 30-36) Change back to blue and Knit 7 rows
Row 37-40) *K1, P1* rib for 4 rows.
Cast off, sew up row ends, leaving a gap for your thumb:

Repeat instructions for a second glove, only this time rotate the glove star chart 180 degrees for the other hand.

I reckon this would make the perfect Christmas gift!!

Happy knitting, folks xx

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