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Friday, 2 July 2010

The latest over in Chileville!

It's been a while since I've posted an update on my chillies so here comes a virtual amble around my babies....

The wonderfully hairy Alberto’s Locoto Rocoto are in position ready to take over my patio, sprawling out like great green spiders :-) I think they are going to be my favourite this year. Also in the picture, one of the Cayennes to the right and a poorly tom middle back:

I had a bit of a disaster with my tomato plants; I think they got too damn hot in the greenhouse so I've evicted them!
Still, the tomatoes loss is the chillies gain and now they have more room to...well... grow into - I can't really say move!




CORNO DI TORO ROSSO: (refusing to redden up just yet and has no new buds)

The same with the WORLD BEATER:

The purple unknown variety seem to have stopped growing any larger and the freaky fruit is reddening up:

The BULGARIAN CARROT also seems to have stalled, one or 2 pods are now going orange:

I'm sure they are fine and I'm just impatient, but it really does feel like the growth has slowed considerably.

My SANTE FE GRANDE is doing far better now it's been moved to the greenhouse:

The PRAIRIE FIRE is covered in teeny pods that look like teeth:

The ADORNO is in a similar state, though what pods are on is seem so very small - but I've nothing to compare to as no one I know is growing them; so I have to assume that whatever they are doing is right:

So that's the bulk of it, all is going well so far! I've eaten quite a few things from the garden now - the cucumbers are coming thick and fast and I've had a handful or more Cayenne peppers to cook with. I have to say it's marvelous to taste something you've grown yourself; there really isn't anything like it! I've not however, eaten any of the real hot chillis..... They'll be a while yet before they ripen. But when they do, I reckon it's going to be a trip to pain city!!


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