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Saturday, 21 August 2010


How brilliant is this show? If you ask me, it's mouthwateringly good and thoroughly entertaining (and that's just Adam Richman!) we just can't get enough of it at our house!
So much so, that we decided to make a tribute to the show by frying up some heaven-sent burger delights of our own.

Obviously I reigned it in a little as I'd hate to waste a huge pile of food, but our tasty face sized treats were still mega enough to be a challenge; each containing 2 burgers, 2 sausages 4 rashers of bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese, beautiful sun-dried tomatoes, rings of fresh red onion and a beef tomato slice; all served in a frizbee sized floured bap. I went for garlic mayonnaise and a homemade chilli relish that will melt your face - Rob went for nachos :-)

Under construction:


It's H U G E!!
Where the heck to start?!
That's it....
Get it in! Lovely, big, fat, juicy, flavoursome goodness in a convenient hand held package:
I'm happy to report that we did it! Well.... I say we; Rob did every last morsel but I left a bit of bread :-( Heck, it was either that or Rob would be scraping bits of me from the walls and ceiling for the next week. A most enjoyable meal that should see me right for a month....

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Anonymous said...

lol! Nice to see another Adam fan! :-)