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Monday, 1 June 2015

Coz it's the Pick of Destiny, Child!

My husband and I are converting the attic bedroom into a recording studio and are hoping to fill the walls with fun stuff - ideally things that are homemade. Rob had an idea about one of those fire alarm emergency panels that you have to break the glass to access the button, only ours should have a plectrum in it for emergencies! Not only did this amuse me greatly, it also gave me an idea.

Enter the 'Pick of destiny.' With such an awesome power, it would be foolish to use it willy nilly, but it's the perfect choice in an emergency situation!

To misquote the devil himself, check this pic it's fucking tasty!

I sculpted the pick out of polymer clay and now it sits in it's box on the wall, patiently waiting until such time that Rob needs to bring the thunder. 


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