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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Rescue Bird Nests

Making little nests for rescue birds is a great way of using up scrap yarn and helping creatures in need at the same time! They only take 10-15 minutes to make, so that lovely feeling of gratification you get when you finish a project could be yours many times a day...

**Please note, this pattern is written using UK abbreviations**

A 5mm hook & Chunky yarn. If you want to use up scrap yarn in other sizes, just hold two or three strands together, depending on what weight of yarn you are using. What you are aiming for is a tight stitch that keeps the nest upright and stops it being floppy.

Round 1) You can either begin with the magic loop method, in which case, do 10 htc into the magic loop, or:
ch 2, do 10 htc into the second ch from hook, join with a sl-st.
Round 2) ch 1, 2htc in each st around, join with a sl-st - 20
Round 3) ch 1, *htc 1, 2htc in next* around, join with a sl-st. - 30
Round 4-5) htc 2 rounds.
Round 6-7 ) dc 2 rounds.

Sew in ends.
So simple and rewarding, what are you waiting for? 👍🏻❤️😊

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